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Karama Neal uses her experience in nonprofit management, genetics and bioethics research, and social justice blogging to promote equal access to health, education, and opportunity for all people through teaching, research, practice, advocacy, and service. Her experience in academic, corporate, and nonprofit arenas has given her broad experience in strategic planning, public speaking, technical and persuasive writing, and evaluation. She conceptualizes, develops, directs, and promotes a variety of solution-oriented programs, projects, and opportunities that support positive social change that is sustainable, scalable, and/or replicable. She strives to recognize the difference between the provision of charity and the establishment of justice, with her energy focused primarily on the latter.

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How will you make our world a better place? So What Can I Do is the public service weblog promoting ethics in action.

* Health and education
* Economics, social entrepreneurship, and microfinance
* Food and water
* Energy and technology
* Women, children, and family
* Environment, land, and sustainability
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Featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Positive Thinking Magazine,, Our Day to End Poverty, Sync Weekly, and numerous other print and online publications. Winner of the 2009 Black Web Award for most original blog. Twelfth in the list of 100 blogs for those who want to change the world. Since 2005.

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Idea Gallery

Visit the Idea Gallery for some thoughts on promoting and improving higher education, economic empowerment, land use, and more. To see how these ideas are being implemented, visit Ife Opportunity.

On view today:
* Promoting 2015 passage of the Heir Property Act in Arkansas
* Rural Home Health Cooperative
* Development-based Internet Cafe
* Perennial Productive Gardens
* Promise Communities for Higher Education
* Pre-Baccalaureate Program for College Success
* Internet-Facilitated Excellence

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