Broadband internet provides such a wealth of opportunity to those with access that it constitutes critical infrastructure for the 21st century.  IFE means expansion.  Visit the links below for just a few examples of how IFE4 promotes Internet-Facilitated Education, Earning, Efficiency, and Experiences.

Internet-Facilitated EducationMore than just online tutorials, these and other sites allow you to learn the skills you need and want to prepare you for your next job or career opportunity.

* Coursera offers free college level and developmental courses on a wide variety of academic and personal enrichment topics.  Certificates are given for successful completion of a course.

* Khan Academy offers a variety of educational resources on a wide range of academic topics for free.

* EdX offers free college level courses on a variety of technical and other topics.  Certificates are given for successful completion of a course.

* Udacity offers free college level coursed on a variety of technical topics.   Certificates are given for successful completion of a course.

* StraighterLine offers courses for the first two years of college that can be transferred to many four year institutions.

Internet-Facilitated Earning – More than just Career Builder job searches, these sites help your build your earning potential.

* Elance is a site for freelancers to meet those offering work.

* LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allow you to post your resume, search for jobs, and more.

* oDesk is a site for those wanting contract work to meet those needing work done.

* EBay allows you to sell the items you have or make at auction.

Internet-Facilitated Efficiency – More than just online banking, these sites allow you to work efficiently from home or elsewhere, saving you money and time.

* Skype provide free video and audio communication with any other Skype-enabled computer. A must for remote workers and long-distance friends.

* Google Drive provides free online access to word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and other software for effective cloud computing.

* GoToMeeting is a platform for online meetings, webinars, and other gatherings.

Internet-Facilitated Experiences – More than just Facebook, these sites can make your life, and those of others, more enjoyable.

* United Nations Volunteers connects those wanted to volunteer online with service opportunities worldwide.

* The Online Books Page offers more than 1 million titles for free.

For more than a year and a half, I lived, worked, and went to school in three different, disconnected states – all through the use of broadband internet.  So I understand personally that numerous opportunities that come with strategic use of broadband internet.

Closing the digital divide is an economic development and fairness issue for individuals, families and communities.  Progress requires pairing promotion of low cost broadband and computers (not just smartphones) with education about the value of the opportunities available to those who know how to use the internet to their advantage.   This page is a small contribution to that effort.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Arkansas Broadband Council.




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