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General Interest

Neal, KC. (2014) The Best of So What Can I Do: A tenth anniversary celebration of service Buy eBook  
Neal, KC. (2013) Career autobiography: Geneticist Becomes Nonprofit Manager. Versatile PhD.
Neal, KC. (2004 – 2010) So What Can I Do: the public service weblog promoting ethics in action. Featured in the Atlanta Journal ­Constitution, Positive Thinking Magazine,, Our Day to End Poverty, Sync Weekly, and numerous other print and online publications. Winner of the 2009 Black Web Award for most original blog. Twelfth in a list of 100 blogs for those who want to change the world. Editor and creator.
Neal, KC (2008) Blogging for a Better World. Emory Report.

Music, Food, and Faith

Neal, KC (2017) Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing, a simplified version of the Black National Anthem for piano
Neal, KC (2017) My Prayer – A Hymn, lyrics and sheet music
Neal, KC (2015) A Suite: Pi  - seven mathematically inspired musical compositions in honor of Pi Day 2015. Buy eBook (sheet music) and listen.
Neal, KC (2004) Naked Burrito – Recipe selected as a winner of the Atlanta Journal ­Constitution 5:30 Challenge.
Neal, KC (2015) Blessed Assurance for elementary pianists.
Neal, KC (2016) How Great Thou Art for elementary pianists.
Neal, KC (2013) Read for Life One Year Thematic Bible Study Guide 


Family Economic Mobility

TEDx MarkhamSt - July 2015 “The Most Important Question for Promoting Social Change”

The Giving Net - December 2013  radio interview.

Neal, KC (2015) Heir Property and Economic Mobility: Tools for Policy and Practice. MDC Inc. State of the South blog.

Neal, KC (2015) Rural Economic Mobility and Wealth Building. MDC Inc. State of the South blog.

Neal, KC, Maupin M, Edwards T, Kaufman B, and Covington M (2012) Child Savings Accounts: Multiple Paths to a Brighter Future. Southern Bancorp Community Partners.


Neal, K (2017) Not By Proxy: Arguments for Improving the Use of Race in Biomedical Research.  American Journal of Bioethics. 17(9):52-54.

Neal, KC. (2008) “Google Health: Organizing Your Medical Information” in Bioethics Forum, The Hastings Center.

Neal, KC. (2008) Use and Misuse of “Race” in Biomedical Research. Online Journal of Health Ethics. 1(1).

Neal, KC. (2007) Health Literacy: More than a One Way Street. American Journal of Bioethics. 7(11):29­30.

Neal, KC. (2006) Analogical Trends in US Umbilical Cord Blood Legislation. American Journal of Bioethics. 6(6):68­70.

Neal, KC. (2006) “P3/4 and the Coming Revolution” in Bioethics Forum, The Hastings Center.

Drosophila Genetics

Neal, KC. A Pannuti, ER Smith , JC Lucchesi. (2000) A new member of the MYST family of histone acetyltransferases with high sequence similarity to Drosophila MOF. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1490(1): 170­174.

Eisen, A, M Sattah, T Gazitt, K Neal, P Szauter, JC Lucchesi. (1998) A novel DEAD­box RNA helicase exhibits high sequence conservation from yeast to humans and localizes to the cytoplasm in Drosophila. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1397(2): 131­136.

Benes, H., KC Neal, RL Willis, D Gadde, AB Castleberry, SE Korochkina. (1996) Overlapping Lsp­2 gene sequences target expression to both the larval and adult Drosophila fat body. Insect Molecular Biology 5(1) 39­49.

Gordesky­-Gold, B., JM Warrick, DP Kutzler, KC Neal, CM Coughlin, L Tompkins. (1996) Interstrain variability of larval photokinesis in Drosophila melanogaster. Behavior Genetics 26: 49­54.

Benes, H., DW Spivey, J Miles, K Neal, RG Edmondson. (1990) Fat body specific expression of the Drosophila Lsp­2 gene. SAAS Bulletin of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 3: 129­133.

Morning Messages

No Testing Zone - February 2013. Shorter College Honors Convocation.  North Little Rock, Arkansas.

How to Reach the Masses - October 2012. Lay Ministry morning message at Reed Memorial CME Church, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Walk in the Light - May 2011. Missionary Sunday morning message at St. Andrew AME Church, Little Rock, Arkansas.

A charge to keep I have - February 2011. Founders Day morning message at St. Andrew AME Church, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Think Globally, Act Locally, Pray Ceaselessly -  March 2009. Missionary Sunday morning message at Bethel AME Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Finding Freedom through Faith - September 2005. Women’s Day morning message at Summerhill AME Church, Rome, Georgia.

Family Interviews

StoryCorps interview with Janet M. Cobb September 2, 2009. Archived at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress (DDA000727), and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture.

StoryCorps interview with Olly Neal September 4, 2009. Archived at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress (DDA000735), and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture.   Excerpt aired on NPRs Morning Edition, October 2, 2009.