With the aging population of the United States and the US’ new Affordable (health) Care Act, there is an increasing need for home health care.  This need can create jobs that require limited training, provide opportunity for advancement, and, importantly, are almost always local.

The rural Delta region of Arkansas is home to an aging population that will most certainly need care that will be most efficiently and effectively provided in the home.  However, the region is economically distressed with few jobs available and few skilled workers for those that are.

I propose to create a vertically integrated home health care cooperative and school to serve those needing home health care and create stable jobs and opportunities for local residents.  This model offer several advantages:

The cooperative will teach the eight week course to train certified nursing assistants (CNAs) that will offer home health care.  Graduates will have the opportunity to be employed at the cooperative because the employers are directly connected with their teachers in the same organization.  And because the organization is a cooperative, employees will own the company resulting in higher wages than those typically paid to CNAs and others involved in home health care.

If successful, this model could be easily scaled up and/or replicated, providing good jobs, good opportunity, and good care for residents of rural areas that often lack those.

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