Five Elements of Prayer

I have found that these five concepts are critical to focused and fulfilling prayer work:

  • Worship & Praise
  • Gratitude & Thanksgiving
  • Confession & Humility
  • Blessings & Benedictions
  • Requests & Supplications

Remember these five elements by using one or more of the following phrases or create you own.  Each capital letter of the key words serves as a mnemonic device for one of the five elements of prayer and the phrase itself is motivating for daily life.

  • Work with God and Community for a Better Reality.
  • Be Ready to Change, Grow, and Work.
  • Be the Change a Great World Requires.
  • God’s Community is the World, Right here and Beyond.
  • Wait on God. Be Ready to Change.
  • Please God, HELP. I’m Begging for Relief (for _______).

I’ve collected some of my favorite prayers for general use and inspiration. I trust these elements and the tools to remember them will be a blessing to you!

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